French Art made in Denmark

At Rødkilde school, in the school year 99/00, a large-scale subject work was carried out under the title "Rødkilde school year 2040".
The purpose was to express/inquire the students' future visions and thoughts.
As a dazzling supplement to the subject work, an agreement was made with the artist to decorate the school's main entrance.
It had to be carried out so that the students could follow the entire process, from the first lines to the finished work.
From a boring and uninspiring entrance, Olivier Blois-Puls transformed the room, with its tight geometry and bold color choices, into a whole that leads one into an inspiring space, where you constantly see "new" images in the coherent decoration.
Despite the tight composition in the lines, you find in the choice of colors a softness and warmth that makes you feel comfortable.
Olivier's wall decoration has become a source of joy and inspiration at the school.
Jørgen Guldborg, 2000
Rødkilde school headmaster.